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Clearance, Clear out area!
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Cocomist Skin and Bum Spray
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Clearance, Clear out area!

Here you will find items that for one reason or another we are clearing out.

  • The item has lost some of its fragrance and is now a very mild to no scent.
  • Scent was not as big a seller as expected and we are clearing out older product. Products are still fine to use.. we would never sell something old that wouldn't last at least the next 6 months.
  • Item or scent we only have a few of and don't plan to carry any longer.

Bath Bombs NO labeling
Castile Soap GRAB BAGS! 1lb bags!
Our Price:  $10.00  
Clear out - CocoBum Diaper and Skin Cream
CLEARANCE Bubble Bath Scoops
CLEARANCE - Exfoliating and Lathering Sugar Scrub
Our Price:  $7.95  
Sale Price:  $6.00  
CLEARANCE - Triple Butter Purely Clean Cubes
Our Price:  $4.75  
Sale Price:  $4.00  
CLEARANCE - Wool Lanolin Emulsifying Cubes
Our Price:  $5.25  
Sale Price:  $4.00  
CLEARANCE Bee Green Naturals Lotion 8oz
Our Price:  $8.95  
Sale Price:  $7.00  
CLEARANCE Orange Vanilla Creme Essential Blend
Our Price:  $3.75  
Discontinued Solid Lanolin Scents & Sizes
In the Pits - Natural Deodorant Cream
Our Price:  $5.25  
Sale Price:  $4.50  
Reusable Bubble Bar - Unicorn Cookies
Our Price:  $4.00  
Soap - unwrapped and unlabeled
Wool Wash Bar - Discontinued Scent
Our Price:  $5.25  
Sale Price:  $4.00  
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