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Wool Wash - lanolin or lanolin free
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Bee Green Naturals wool wash comes in two formulas.. with or without lanolin.

  • For the lanolin free - you will get a deeper clean but will need to follow up with solid USP lanolin as needed depending on how deep and how often you clean.
  • For the lanolin added - you will get some extra lanolin each wash which will extend the time needed for solid lanolizing, however you will still need to use it. The lanolin in the wash does not replace solid lanolin and only supplements to extend.

Some woolie washers feel that added lanolin doesn't allow for a deeper clean, and it comes down to personal preferece/choice. While we still sell more of the 'with lanolin' many prefer the wash without it and to do solid lanolizing more often. On the flip, many like the conditioning feeling you get with the added lanolin.


  1. Rinse your wool item gently in tepid water or a basin of water to flush out any urine and/or dirt particles.
  2. Then fill your wash basin with lukewarm to warm water and add approx 2-3 tsp wool wash depending on how large your item is or how much washing you need to do.
  3. Gently squeeze the wool wash through the item carefully, giving gentle extra attention where needed. If using the 'with lanolin' version, you can let the woolies soak for 20-30 minutes.
  4. Drain the bath and give a nice rinse.
  5. Squeeze out some water and then place your woolie item flat on a towel and roll it up nice and tight. Squeeze it all around to push every bit of water out.
  6. Unroll and redo in a dry spot on the towel if necessary. Then unroll again and lay them flat to dry or continue on with your lanolizing routine.
  7. For information on how to emulsify and lanolize, there is a short video here



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